The Ridge University Project 2004

Reno, Nevada

The year is 2015. The School of Engineering, Ridge University in the Lake Tahoe area has decided to demolish and rebuild one of two existing 3-story builidings for a new classroom and lab facility on their campus. The facility should provide a home for innovative courses which take a team approach to engineering design. The facility should be part of a global network of such facilities linked through Internet and Satellite Telecommunication.


The facility will be located on one of the most beautiful valley sites, near the mountain and the Hope river. See Figure/CAD for location of the two building options. A key requirement of the owner is to maintain the existing circulation/transportation roads on campus and reduce costs. Each story has a total of 10,000 square-feet, of which 60 % are assignable (the rest are taken by circulation, walls, etc.)


The facility should provide the functional spaces indicated in Tab.1 and should address the desired adjacencies/affinities between the spaces indicated in Tab.2.


The design team should

Winter Q: Propose a new A solution for each of the two footprint options, each with two or three E and C alternatives, and advise the faculty board which of the two available building locations should be selected for the new facility. Justify the recommended selection of the solution based on A/E/C design and construction criteria.


Spring Q: Choose one of the solutions based on the discussions with the owner, and feedback from faculty and industry mentors, and complete the details of the preliminary design-build solution (see team activities).


The design and construction of the new facility is funded by a rich alumnus who donated $5,500,00 to the School of Engineering in January 2002. The department intends to approach Silicon Valley companies for donations of computing hardware, software, and furnishings.

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